New Approach To Life

Mindset Coaching

with Jessica Aouati

Are You Living a Joyful, Purpose-Driven Life?

What is the New Approach To Life?

The New Approach to Life, if practiced and understood, leads to a life of emotional and physical well-being. It ushers in an exploration of true freedom, where relationship issues, health problems and money blocks literally cease to exist. A life in which you feel empowered; in which anxiety, stress, and self-doubt are eliminated. In short, it leads to one of the most elusive experiences on the planet: A life of happiness.

Too good to be true?
Not if you’re willing to change. If that’s the case, you can indeed expect your life to improve in presently unfathomable ways. To get to that point, all you need to do is leave behind your old approach to life of victimhood and control, and start to live the New Approach To Life of love and acceptance.

What’s the difference?
In the old approach to life, your life is subject to outside conditions, fate and luck. You strive to control people or conditions in order to feel better. You blame others for your misfortunes. You believe that the world is unsafe, that relationships are risky.

In the New Approach to Life, you don’t ask anyone to change. You accept people and challenging circumstances for what they truly are: teachers and events attracted by you and for you to propel you forward on your path of self-discovery. And you understand that your outside reality is a reflection of your inside reality. In other words, you know that the reality you live is a physical representation of your beliefs. And that to change your reality for the better, you must change your limiting beliefs.

Find out how—your future Self will thank you.

Your Beliefs Form Your Reality

  • Understand the difference between limiting and empowering beliefs
  • Learn to challenge your limiting beliefs
  • Cultivate empowering beliefs to create the life you truly want.

Reach Out

Discovery Call
Learn about the life-changing benefits of cultivating a new mindset and understand the difference between what you think you want vs. what you truly want. 

Be Happy

Individual Coaching
Find out what it takes to live a joyful, purpose-driven life, and discover the key to creating your preferred reality deliberately.

Work Fearlessly

Businesses Coaching
Identify limiting beliefs for ​faster growth, effortless performance, increased satisfaction ​ and unprecedented retention rates.​

Hi, I'm Jessica

Most of my clients are experienced therapists, life coaches and spiritual educators. Many are thriving artists and highly successful businessmen and women.

All understand that freedom and joy are their birthright. Yet they often feel at the mercy of outside circumstances. They feel restricted. Powerless. Victimized even. They wish for long-lasting, positive change but don’t know how to manifest ituntil they work with me.

I have learned to create a preferred reality deliberately—regardless of conditions or circumstancesand I teach my clients to do the same. See what they have to say. 



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